Printed Circuit Board Design

Choose XL Circuits Inc. for quick turnaround PCB design and layout utilizing the latest software and packaging technology. Challenge us with your high-speed, high-density, multi-layer designs!
-        Land pattern creation
-        Land pattern library management
-        Printed circuit board design from the ground up

Our best-in-class staff designers have evolved in dynamic fields such as:
-        Telecommunications                  -        Video
-        Avionics                                    -        Graphics
-        Government and military             -        Data acquisition
-        Radio Frequencies (RF)               -        Power supply
-        Flex                                          -        Transportation

We master most major CAD tools, including:
-        Mentor Graphics (PADS, Expedition, Board Station)
-        Cadence (Allegro, OrCAD)
-        PCAD

We also use the following support tools:
-        Valor (Enterprise 3000)
-        CAM350
-        AutoCAD

Services Adapted to Your Needs

We understand that a one-size-fits-all format does not make the grade in today's demanding market. Our services are therefore offered in two convenient forms:
-        On-site service: our designers work directly at your premises
-        Remote service: we work at our own offices and communicate with you via email and fax

It is entirely possible to alternate between both service environments as the stages of the design evolve.

Expertise with the
Following Standards:

  • IEEE(Standard symbol)
  • IPC(Boards and Parts)
  • Telcordia(Bellcore)
  • RoHS requirements
  • HDI requirements

New standards and requirements
are continually being added!

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PCB Assembly

Assembling high-mix electronic printed circuit boards is a key element of our service offering. XL Circuits Inc.'s success is the direct result of consistently delivering on time and within budget, while meeting the highest industry standards.
-        Surface mount technology (0201, Quad Flat Package)
-        Through-hole assembly
-        Lead-free programs and manufacturing capabilities
-        Value-added services such as potting, conformal coating, burn-in and multiple test capabilities 
-        24-hour emergency support and call centre capabilities
Our Service Offering

XL Circuits Inc. provides a comprehensive, integrated set of professional services. These services deliver value based on best practices and several years of combined experience. Our service offering is constantly evolving to provide the leading-edge design technology and flexibility you need.

Outsourcing is a highly-effective approach because it allows your company to focus on its core competencies and primary mission, while we focus on making your design project a success by tailoring our intervention to your organization's specific situation. We are committed to exceptional service and performance, total customer satisfaction and the creation of quantifiable business impact in terms of return on investment (ROI).

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-        Electrical symbol creation
-        Symbol library management
-        Schematic design
PCB Manufacturing

Our PCB manufacturing strategy is based on giving you the best possible value and delivery time, regardless of the quantity you need.

Available products include:
-        Single-sided printed circuit boards
-        Double-sided printed circuit boards
-        Multi-layer PC boards, up to 20 layers:
-        Blind Via
-        Buried Via
-        BGA (Ball Grid Array)
-        Micro BGA
-        Surface mount technology
-        Electroless nickel-gold plated metals
-        Gold-plated edge connector fingers (gold fingers) 
-        Electrical testing
-        Impedance control measurements